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Game Maker is a platform that enables its users to make simple but interesting games. Experienced developers will have a handy game prototyping tool in it. Beginners in game development will treasure it as a comprehensible training device. Pro or a novice, you'll surely love it!
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Our Platform Gives You Many Handy Tools

Firstly, you will have a choice between several ready-made templates. These make it easier for you to build a game of a certain type. Still, it's easy to make it personalised using different customisation options. You can add objects, design scenes, create levels, add external events, and many other external elements. Alternatively, there is a blank start which enables you to build your game from square one, bit by bit. Once completed, your game will be compatible with any modern game publishing platform.

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The main character fights obstacles and villains to reach the goal and collects coins along the way.

Driving Simulator

First-person driver experience is always an interesting and popular choice among the players.

Isometric game

This template helps you quickly build scenery for your protagonist to roam through and explore.

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For all of you who want a clean start and unlimited possibilities.


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You will get access to:

  • Easy-to-use game creator
  • Handy personalisation tools
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